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Outdoor Speaker System Planning Guide

Apr 27


It's a great time to spend evenings at the pool with family or invite your friends to dine out. Activities outdoors can be made more enjoyable by the proper music. An outdoor music Dallas can provide high-quality sound all over your house. What size of space do you want to be able to play music? Are you searching for smaller spaces, such as decks or patios, or perhaps a larger space, like your entire backyard with a hot tub, a swimming barbecue, pool, or fire pit areas?

Outdoor Speaker Systems for Large Spaces

It is beneficial to designate distinct zones for larger areas to make sure that each zone is as loud or quiet as possible. If you have a large yard the sound of just one speaker will not suffice. The sound can be too loud or too muted, based on the area you're located.


The system is able to be used with lower volumes and still has a great sound in each zone thanks to multiple speakers. It's a great option for you and your neighbors. Each zone will be equipped with volume controls. This will let you adjust the volume based on what is going on in the particular space. It is possible to adjust the volume to permit conversation at an outdoor table. It is also possible to turn up the volume at the pool if there is excessive background noise.


Outdoor Speaker Systems for Small Spaces

You may only require one speaker for smaller spaces. You won't require as many speakers and are less likely to require more power sources. Outdoor speakers aren't always of lower quality. You don't have to sacrifice sound quality, control, or durability just because your area is smaller.


Outdoor Speaker Systems: Power Options


Self-Powered Speakers

If you don't have a source of power, then a self-powered alternative is an option. You can connect your speakers and then listen to music using your smartphone. It's a simple solution as you don't need to run wires for your speakers throughout the home or connect them to connect an amp.

It is not the best audio quality and is not very powerful. However, it is still great but not the best.


Non-powered speakers

You'll enjoy higher power and audio. It is important to understand how to connect them to an amplifier or AVR. Although it's not something that is crucial but it is something to consider.


Amplification Options

Running cables

You will then have decide if you would like to put the amp outside inside a weatherproof enclosure or run the speaker wires within the home to connect to an amp or AVR. Finally, you might need to consider the position of the speakers. The source of the amp should allow you to join the wires of your speaker.


Follow the line to locate the equipment. After that, you can continue straight to the place. For lengths over 50 feet, choose the thickest speaker cables (minimum 14 gauge). It should be CL3-rated for underground burial. At least 6 inches should be submerged.


If there's no way to the boundary, you can examine other areas. It must be possible.


Music Source Options

Once all cables are connected, you can select the music you wish to listen to. It is likely that you stream via your phone or control a streaming device via your phone. It is likely that you stream from your phone via Bluetooth. But, Bluetooth has its limitations on the distance of streaming and interruption. It is suggested that you make use of Wi-Fi to manage streaming sources that are close to the amplifier.


Connecting your speakers

After you have chosen your source, you can choose the way in which the speakers will be connected. These are your options:


You can use the speaker wires to connect to your AVR to simple, single-zone systems. There is the option of selecting between Speaker A and B. The outputs for the B speakers could also be set.


Speaker selectors are a possibility to add to systems with several speakers. They can be purchased with or without volume controls. You could also connect a powerful amplifier to the speakers you have for your outside. You can then choose the music from your smartphone to start listening.


Do I need a subwoofer to compliment my outdoor speaker system or is it not needed?

Yes! You can! You don't need to be loud and booming to disturb neighbors. Subwoofers can offer a full frequency range with minimal distortion.

If you're using a subwoofer to support a single zone system put it in close proximity to the speakers in the center. If you're in search of multi-zone systems, put the subwoofer near the main speakers.

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